Emergency Towing

Unfortunately, traffic accidents are an everyday occurrence on our roads, and sometimes they are severe enough to require towing of one or more of the vehicles involved. At S & S Crane and Wrecker Service, we offer roadside assistance to your vehicle. We are the go-to company in the Burns area when it comes to emergency towing.

Sometimes, to save us from spending our money on a professional towing service, we ask our friend to tow our broken down car using a rope. However, such amateur methods can cause more damage to the car. If the damage to the car is already serious, any wrong movement can make it irreparable. In such cases, flatbed towing is advisable.

Flatbed towing is a more secure method of towing. The back of the towing truck is fitted with a bed, and your car’s engine will be secure while you transport your car to the nearest car repair shop. The bed is also hydraulically inclined and moved to the ground to allow your car to be placed securely using a winch.

At S & S Crane and Wrecker Service, our towing company specializes in flatbed towing, so you are sure that your car will be in safe hands. Should you need roadside service, contact S & S Crane and Wrecker Service immediately. We are the best when it comes to 24 hour towing in Burns, TN.